RSI Holdings - RSI won't give out information on their bathroom cabinet hinges

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I'm being accused of breaking the hinges on a "friend's" RSI bathroom cabinet door.I didn't.

The door "drooped" into my hands when I opened it (you have to gently press the corner of the mirrored door to open and close it.) The metal wasn't smooth at the break: it looked more like compressed sugar. The temperature had gone down to the 40's in the house, which could have contributed to the problem?

I called RSI Holdings and the woman in customer service was trying her best NOT to give me any information. I just wanted to know if they had ever had any issues with their hinges.

She said she needed the model number, which I can't get from the owner. So she said I should go to the store (I don't know where it was purchased... some Home Depot outlet... and find the exact same cabinet).

I can't remember exactly what it looked like...

although I remembered it looking almost exactly like the one without attached lights in the cabinet recall from 2008, and that I thought it could have been the 36" model.Their company must have records of hinge replacements, but she certainly wasn't going to tell me, or put me through to anyone who might have that information.

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Unfortunately, you are looking for a needle in a global haystack. Chances are, what you need was sourced from Asia the the 'woman in customer service' could not have helped you if she was looking at the hinge in her own hand. Without model number information, it is a lost cause.

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